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Built with the future of NE Ohio in mind

Company Overview

Founded in 2005, EDGE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit economic development organization which believes in developing Northeast Ohio’s leaders interested in creating learning organizations and growing value-driven companies.  EDGE focuses its time and attention on:

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fostering Current and Future Leaders
  • Mid-Sized Companies (up to $750 million in sales that sell at least some of their goods and services outside NE Ohio area.


  • Helps mid-sized companies grow in value through the creation of programs, services and events that individual companies don’t have the time or money to do themselves or where EDGE can create these programs more effectively by working with a group of companies at one time.
  • Creates value for mid-sized companies and value for NE Ohio economic development by providing information and development opportunities for key employees at member companies; helping to implement innovations at any sized company; pro-actively creating new businesses (from existing business executives’ ideas); spinning off stand alone businesses; and preparing talented students with practical learning experiences so they can take on important leadership roles for tomorrow’s regional economy.
  • Is committed to helping value-creating mid-sized companies in Northeast Ohio “win” though development, innovation, and relationship building, while building a culture that is supportive of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Creates market-driven programs and services that encourage growth, innovation and community engagement. EDGE works to establish meaningful benchmarks and track results for the region in a format that can be easily replicated to establish a more thorough indication of our regional economic health.
  • Proactively creates the mid-sized companies of tomorrow by leveraging the ideas and experience of our most successful business leaders, partnering them with serial entrepreneurs and student teams, to create a continuous pipeline of viable businesses in the region.
  • Encourages companies to give philanthropically (through time, services and money) to support local and regional efforts, which improves the quality of life for all in Northeast Ohio.