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EDGE Fellows | Driving Growth for Northeast Ohio

EDGE Fellows | Driving Growth for Northeast Ohio

August 1, 2017

EDGE Fellows presented the results of their research on new business opportunities for existing Northeast Ohio companies to a packed house of business, community and university leaders at JumpStart on Tuesday, August 1.

Hear what attendees are saying:
“We want to thank you all for the incredible effort and great work completed to support our growth efforts. We do look forward to improving your statistic for EDGE Fellows in that this project will improve the 50% mark of projects that generate revenue. The EDGE Fellows program did exceed our expectations …”
        – Jennifer Altstadt, Sr. VP, Operations and Strategic Planning, Sea-Land Chemical

“Once again, the teams selected and guided were outstanding and very impressive. This work is very important for NEO, its companies, and its college graduates. The internship program is one of the best that I have seen nationally. Keep up the great work.”
        – Dr . Raj Aggarwal, CFA, Dean, The University of Akron College of Business Administration (Retired) 

“Not only did the EDGE Fellows do a good job, the projects of the sponsoring companies demonstrate the creativity of our local economy. Great work.”
         – Rebecca Morgan, President, Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc.

This year’s class comprised of 14 graduate students from Case Western Reserve University, The University of Akron, and the University of Pennsylvania researched the up-side potential for new business concepts provided by area business leaders for companies including AgencyHQ, ChromaScape, Dealer Tire, Gebauer Company, Main Street Gourmet, The Malish Corporation and Sea-Land Chemical. The market studies addressed artificial intelligence / machine learning, topical anesthetic applications, distribution models for 3D printing and personal care products, new custom food division, data analytics business model, colored dispersants, cleaning applications for the marine and agriculture industries.

Thank you to all those that attended and to those that helped make this program a success including program sponsors; the Burton D. Morgan Foundation and The Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio; partnering businesses; volunteer business mentors and EDGE staff!


View the program to learn more about the presentations, projects and those involved.
Meet the 2017 class of EDGE Fellows, graduate-level students representing area universities.

2017 Summer EDGE Fellows Photos
To learn more or consider participating in next year’s program, visit Engage EDGE Fellows or contact Chris Keller: 216-346-6300,


About Program: The goal of the EDGE Fellows Program is to research the up-side potential for new business concepts for area companies. Additionally, the program provides students with a truly unique consulting experience, connecting area companies with top talent from area universities and skilled business mentors.  Started in 2007, the EDGE Fellows Program has explored nearly 80 project ideas, several projects led to multi-million dollar business ventures. In 2016, selected as The Coolest Internship Program in NEO (NOCHE/CBC Mag).