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think-newCreating a Learning Organization Built a Foundation for Growth

ChromaScape CEO, Joe Majewski, pointed out that since his company’s involvement with EDGE which began in 2011, “our profitability has grown 60%. A lot of that growth was made possible through learning and growing our leadership team’s business acumen.” That profit foundation has created the strong platform for the revenue growth Joe is now guiding.

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chromascapeleadership-team_5x7-cmyk_0816How Life-Long Learning is Woven into ChromaScape’s Fabric

For ChromaScape, EDGE has introduced new ideas for profitable growth through peer based learning. ChromaScape CEO, Joe Majewski, knew he had to make an investment in building a leadership team that would want to put the systems and processes in place to grow the business. EDGE membership “gave us the opportunity to network and collaborate. It gave us the opportunity to ‘sharpen the saw,’ learn new concepts and share challenges with peers.” For Joe, it’s all about value creation. And being part of EDGE allows his leaders to learn and bring new value-creating ideas into the company.

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palavra-and-allen-additive-manufacturingAt Mold Masters, Learning Produces Profitable Growth

Making the connection between creating a company where employees embrace learning as part of their job and producing profitable growth is not always easy. But at Mold Masters International, the Mentor based air foil tooling company, the connection is clear: one cannot happen and be sustained without the other. To offer learning opportunities to his leadership team, owner and CEO, Jim Allen joined EDGE shortly after purchasing the company in 2009. Through EDGE, leaders have been able to grow to help transform Mold Masters into the learning organization that is helping them cultivate ideas to sustain a stable workforce and create profitable growth.

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members-of-mold-masters-leadership-2Mold Masters CEO, Jim Allen, Advocates Learning Among his Leaders

“I have always shown enthusiasm for change,” Jim Allen continued. One way his leaders have embraced the learning opportunities EDGE provides is that one of the first meetings Jim attended was a Forum event to which he brought six to eight members of his team. The team heard the same message. It fostered conversation. The leaders got to experience Jim’s enthusiasm for learning. “I’m a great believer in inspirational messages,” he said. “These experiences give us our version of learning what else is going on in the world. It gets people inspired. It provokes peoples’ thoughts for new ideas.” Jim and his EDGE highly engaged team are in their eighth year of membership.

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harvey-nelson-2-for-websiteMain Street Gourmet CEO Shares His 3 Reasons for Joining EDGE

“I really was blown away by the honesty we have within our core group of CEOs who have built trust with each other over time,” expressed Harvey Nelson, co-owner and co-CEO of Akron-based Main Street Gourmet. “I wanted the leaders in our company to have access to groups of leaders who have similar jobs at other companies. I wanted them to be able to create connections and learn from others. If they faced a tough decision, they could pick up the phone and call someone who’s done what they might be doing.”

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