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Leadership Alchemy

A Leadership Education Course

Leadership Alchemy: A Leadership Education Course

Leadership Alchemy is designed specifically for mid-market business professionals who want or need leadership education (tools and exercises, i.e. “learn how to learn”) and real experience of personal development, which has great implications for one’s ability to lead others.

The course content focuses building supervisory skills rather than technology or business decisions. Thus, coaching, communication, and team building will take priority over visioning, creativity and strategy exercises.

As a “Leadership 2.0” class, it synthesizes “best of the best” practices to make this experience hard-hitting without being a huge time sink.

Instructors are a mix of top-notch coaches, provocateurs and prominent business and civic leaders. Participants are people who are currently working or developing as team leaders. They may have functional business or technical expertise, but could benefit from additional development in the aspects of managing people.

The program typically occurs in the Spring or Fall, and sessions run from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon once or twice per month.

Contact Grant Marquit for more information.