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MBA UltraLite

A Crash-Course in Business & Leadership

MBA UltraLite: A Crash Course in Business & Leadership

Mid-market companies are asking more of their employees to be leaders and think like business people, usually with little or no experience or education in either leadership or business fundamentals.

Personal MBAEDGE created MBA UltraLite to solve this issue — to give people a holistic understanding of all areas of business so they make better decisions and have better ideas about creating value in their roles.

  • Over 150 people from nearly 30 companies have completed the MBA UltraLite Program.
  • This course is designed for rising stars and functional leaders and is “taught” by a unique combination of dynamic professors from the top regional universities, proven business leaders and peers.

In ten 3-hour sessions, participants gain:

  • Fundamental understanding of the language and practice of business  (Strategy, Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations and IT)
  • Basis for leadership development (Communication, Negotiation, Learning and Project Management)

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