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Summary – Summer EDGE Fellows 2015

Engaging the leaders of tomorrow

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Summer EDGE Fellows 2015

Goal of the EDGE Fellows Summer Program:

EDGE Fellows research the up-side potential for new business concepts provided by area business leaders.  This program provides students with a truly entrepreneurial experience, connects them with leaders and encourages them to keep their expertise in the Northeast Ohio area after graduation.  Fellows had great success again in 2015!

2015 EDGE Fellows Program:

  • 12 entrepreneurial interns were assigned in cross-functional teams of two to study the feasibility of the new business ideas from regionally-based companies.
  • EDGE assigned business mentors to student teams, linked students with Host Companies, and connected them with industry experts to assist with their research efforts.
  • EDGE Fellows addressed six new business projects from different industries and companies small, medium and large, including those working with chemicals and coatings, healthcare/data analytics, bio-based products, innovative product designs and applications for advanced materials.
  • Program Sponsors:Burton D. Morgan Foundation and The Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio.

Host Companies See Great Value

  • “The team’s performance on final results, quality of work and overall preparation was second to none. They took on the project like a work in progress and modified their attack as necessary.”
  •  “The team’s results helped to not only find the most promising areas, but as the scope was refined, we learned more about what customers want and don’t want.”
  •  “Team performed very well and showed a lot of drive and intelligence, with minimal direction or management. They did not get a lot of information from us, since we were not very knowledgeable about the exploration areas, so really it came down to their team performance in order to help show which new areas we should further explore and why.”
  •  “EDGE and the team were all joys to work with; all very insightful, high energy and positive with sense of urgency in their approaches.”

EDGE Fellows Love the Experience

 Year after year, EDGE Fellows rate their overall experience as a “9.2″ of 10 in 2015.

  • “Awesome learning experience!  A great chapter in my career and life!”
  • “I learned a great deal in a short time. I really liked the time frame of two months.”
  • Favorite parts: “Doing in depth research about a topic that I knew very little about.  Talking with industry experts and becoming familiar with pain points and existing solutions within the market.  I also enjoyed being able to work at my own pace without overbearing supervisors.”
  • “I feel more well-versed in real life business settings. It was such an all-encompassing experience that I feel I can handle almost anything a potential employer will throw at me.”
  • “Meeting new people, new business people, learning new ideas, new sectors, marketing side of the world and how to properly communicating with people and networking!! It provided me to ability to speak up and be more proactive in business world. LOVE IT!!”

For more information, visit EDGE Fellows Overview.

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